Day: June 19, 2006


June, 19 , 2006

He died for Freedom and Justice

We express our deep condolences to citizens of Ichkeria and to the family of CHRI President Abdul-Halim Sadulaev. The courageous President was killed in a battle against superior forces of Russian aggressors and their followers. Chechen President’s life, and his heroic death, prove once again that Putin’s hangmen have no chance to enslave the Chechens. We mourn together with you in this dark hour.

Gerard Batten MEP, United Kingdom
Oleg Gordievsky, United Kingdom
Vladimir Bukovsky, United Kingdom
Victor Suvorov, United Kingdom
Alexander Podrabinek, Russia
David Kudykov, Latvia
Alexander Litvinenko, Russia
Sergei Kuznetsov, Russia