Day: September 23, 2006

The White Revolution

From Budapest’s Lajos Kossuth Square this evening, via Reuters:

Thousands of supporters of Fidesz, the main opposition party which canceled its own rally because of fears of violence, were among those gathering in the square. Party leaders reiterated earlier calls for Gyurcsany to quit.

Fidesz Deputy President Pal Schmitt, in a brief speech outside parliament, asked the crowd to wear white clothes and white armbands to show they reject violence, and about half the crowd was wearing some white clothing.

Terror Alert in Prague – II

Via Axis News:

23.09.200614:37 (GMT)
The Czech government decided on heightening the level of security measures on the basis of information received from the Security Information Service (Bezpecnostni informacni sluzba – BIS), daily Mlada fronta Dnes online edition reports. BIS spokesman Jan Subert confirmed speaking to the paper that the threat was serious. He emphasized that all the BIS units are on duty according to the order of the highest security risk level, Mlada fronta Dnes says. Topolanek marked that the information was related “to increased security risks of similar character abroad.”The tightened security measures over a possible risk of a terrorist attack, which the Czech government took during the night, has further escalated the already tense relations between the heads of the two strongest parties, Mirek Topolanek and Jiri Paroubek, CTK reports. Former Prime Minister Paroubek, chairman of Social Democrats, told CTK that the news of a terrorist risk threatening Prague had been circulating in certain circles for three weeks already. Topolanek said that it was he who informed Paroubek about the threat three weeks ago.”Nevertheless, the information was of a usual intelligence character and only yesterday’s and last night’s information led security forces to ask the government to deal with it,” Topolanek said. Paroubek told CTK he does not comprehend why the government did not inform about the situation at its meeting three days before already.

Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek told journalists today afternoon that there is no immediate danger, in connection with the threat of a terrorist attack in Prague, CTK writes. He said the government believe that the security measures taken and the fact that the public have been informed of the danger will eliminate the risk. According to Topolanek, security forces have assured him that the whole security operation is proceeding smoothly. Operation at C line of Prague’s underground was interrupted for about an hour after an anonymous caller told police that an explosive had been planted in the underground tunnel on the Nuselsky Bridge, CTK says.

Denouncing the CCP

The latest issue of the pro-Falun Gong (but independent) web newspaper Epoch Times carries a report that

As of 12:01 EST, 13,801,393 people have submitted statements withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party or its affiliated organizations (for the text in Chinese of all of the statements, please visit the Tuidang website: English | Chinese).  Those who are current members of the CCP or its affiliated organizations are resigning their membership with these statements; former members sever all association with these organizations. All are renouncing the CCP completely.

The paper also publishes Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party. In outline, these cover the following topics:


More than a decade after the fall of the former Soviet Union and Eastern European communist regimes, the international communist movement has been spurned worldwide. The demise of the Chinese Communist Party is only a matter of time.

1) On What the Communist Party Is

More than a decade after the fall of the former Soviet Union and Eastern European communist regimes, the international communist movement has been spurned worldwide. The demise of the Chinese Communist Party is only a matter of time.

2) On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party

Why did the Communist Party emerge, grow and eventually seize power in contemporary China? Did the Chinese people choose the Communist Party? Or, did the Communist Party gang up and force Chinese people to accept it? The CCP has set itself above all, conquering all in its path, thereby bringing endless catastrophe to China.

3) On the Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party

Today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s violence and abuses are even more severe than those of the tyrannical Qin Dynasty. The CCP’s philosophy is one of “struggle,” and the CCP’s rule has been built upon a series of “class struggles,” “path struggles,” and “ideological struggles,” both in China and toward other nations.

4) On How the Communist Party Is an Anti-Universe Force

In the last hundred years, the sudden invasion by the communist specter has created a force against nature and humanity, causing limitless agony and tragedy. It has also pushed civilization to the brink of destruction. It has become an extremely malevolent force against the universe.

5) On the Collusion of Jiang Zemin with the CCP to Persecute Falun Gong

Why is Falun Gong, which upholds the principles of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” and has been promulgated in over 60 countries worldwide, being persecuted only in China, not anywhere else in the world? In this persecution, what is the relationship between Jiang Zemin and the CCP?

6) On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture

The CCP has devoted the nation’s resources to destroying China’s rich traditional culture. The CCP’s destruction of Chinese culture has been planned, well organized, and systematic, made possible by the state’s use of violence. Since its establishment, the CCP has never stopped “revolutionizing” Chinese culture in the attempt to completely destroy its spirit.

7) On the Chinese Communist Party’s History of Killing

The 55-year history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is written with blood and lies. The stories behind this bloody history are not only brutally inhumane but also rarely known. Under the rule of the CCP, 60 to 80 million innocent Chinese people have been killed, leaving their broken families behind.

8) On How the Chinese Communist Party Is an Evil Cult

The Communist Party is essentially an evil cult that harms mankind. Although the Communist Party has never called itself a religion, it matches every single trait of a religion. At the beginning of its establishment, it regarded Marxism as the absolute truth in the world. It exhorted people to engage in a life-long struggle for the goal of building a “communist heaven on earth.”

9) On the Unscrupulous Nature of the Chinese Communist Party

What is most terrifying is that the CCP is going all out to try to destroy the moral foundation of the entire nation, attempting to turn every Chinese national to various degrees into a scoundrel in order to create an environment favorable for the CCP to “advance with time.” It is especially important for us to understand clearly why the CCP acts like scoundrels and to discern its criminal nature.

It’s possible to sign an international declaration denouncing the Chinese Communist Party here.

Ilves Gains Estonian Presidency

Toomas Hendrik Ilves is the new President of Estonia.

He took 174 of the 345 possible votes in the electoral college.

The incumbent, Moscow-leaning Arnold Rüütel, gained only 162 votes.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves is the first Estonian president not to know Russian. An Estonian-American, he will take Estonia further towards the European Union, of which the country is already a member, and also in an Atlanticist direction.

Terror Alert in Prague

Via Axis News:

23.09.200609:35 (GMT)
The Czech government raised security in the capital city, Prague, today after information of what it said was an increased threat of a terrorist attack, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) reports, referring to Reuters news agency. Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said the Czech government met during the night and adopted unspecified security measures, according to the RFE/RL.
Czech Prime Minister said in a written statement the information was received from representatives of the security services and police. He marked that the information was related “to increased security risks of similar character abroad.” Topolanek reportedly said the government decided to strengthen security measures in Prague “with the aim of eliminating the existing risks,” but he gave no further details.


23.09.200610:31 (GMT)
Czech police deployed armed guards in Prague’s historic centre today after security services issued its most serious warning of a terrorist attack, Reuters reports from the Czech capital. The possible terrorist attack risk in Prague targets sites that are not specially guarded under normal circumstances, Police President Vladislav Husak said today at a press conference on the extraordinary security measures the government introduced in Prague during the night, news agency CTK says. He told that the police had heightened the protection of tens of buildings in Prague; neither he nor Interior Minister Ivan Langer would specify them. Langer said this is for the first time that the Czech Republic faces such a concrete risk of a terrorist attack. “The information … was evaluated as serious, the most serious ever,” Langer is quoted as saying, though refusing to elaborate. He added that no danger threatens outside the capital of Prague and that no special security measures are taken there. Langer said that the security forces are not in a situation where they would know “when, where, who, what.” He stressed that “nevertheless, the message is clear: no unnecessary panic, people who take part in the security measures are professionals.” Langer said measures have been taken on three levels: visible, less visible and invisible. Langer did not reply to the question whether the situation is connected with the developments in Norway where the police marred terrorist attacks this week. According to CTK, Langer said the special security measures would be in force for at least several days. The press conference participants would not say “for tactical reasons” whether potential attackers stay on Czech territory. The Prague city authority does not plan to cancel entertainment events at the weekend but it has involved also Prague policemen in security measures that are secured mainly by the national police, Rudolf Blazek deputy mayor of Prague, said Husak said it is considered to call in the military for the time being.

Update (via CTK):

Anonymous caller says bomb planted on a Prague bridge
14:36 – 23.09.2006

Prague- Operation at C line of Prague’s underground has been interrupted after an anonymous caller told police at 13:30 today that an explosive had been planted in the underground tunnel on the Nuselsky Bridge, police spokeswoman Eva Miklikova told CTK.

She said road traffic along the bridge had not been interrupted.

Tightened security measures have been in force in the capital since early today over a possible terrorist risk.

Norway Terror Plot – II

A few more updates on the Oslo terror arrests, seen from a local Norwegian perspective:

* The lawyer for the 28-year-old Norwegian Pakistani says that his client did make a remark about “cutting the Israeli ambassador’s throat” (this is apparently what is on the recording – not “beheading” her, as reported elsewhere) – but that it was made during a heated discussion, and was not intended to be taken seriously. (Dagbladet)

* The 29-year-old Norwegian Pakistani has been under surveillance by Norwegian and foreign police since June 23 this year. Norwegian police say that during this period the 29-year-old has sent regular text messages to and exchanged phone calls with a female reporter employed by Norwegian television station TV2’s news section. They were in a close personal relationship, according to police. The recorded conversations between the two show the expression of “radical Islamist attitudes” on the part of the 29-year-old. The reporter has been suspended from her post. (Nettavisen)

* The third suspect, “of foreign origin”, is a Norwegian Turk.

* Dagbladet reports the 26-year-old ethnic Norwegian as saying that the intended target of the attack was a small Bunnpris grocery store located some 400 metres from the U.S. embassy, and not the embassy itself. The aim was to rob the grocery store. The 26-year-old denies having anything to do with the shots that were fired at the synagogue.

Bin Laden Dead…

Via Sky News:

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has died of typhoid in Pakistan, according to reports in a regional French newspaper.

The paper quoted one of the country’s secret service reports, saying that Saudi Arabia is convinced that Bin Laden died a month ago.

L’Est Republicain also said a copy of the report was shown to President Jacques Chirac and the French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin.

“According to a usually reliable source, the Saudi services are now convinced that Osama bin Laden is dead,” the document said.