Litvinenko: New Details and Commentaries

At Rivoluzione Italiana, commenter Hermit has been opening up new lines of inquiry in the Litvinenko poisoning mystery. His English-language post, reproduced on December 28 by Senator Guzzanti, reveals some new and disturbing details that have emerged from an interview with Litvinenko published on the Novosti Ukraina website in Russian some time ago.  While it is true that Litvinenko said many things of dubious credibility, if he was in this instance telling the truth, this is a significant finding, and one wonders if the investigators of Scotland Yard are aware of it.

In the same blog, Hermit has drawn attention to the striking differences that characterize the approach of much of the German and Austrian press and media to the Litivinenko affair, when compared with the approach taken by their counterparts in other European countries.

Referring to enrix’s list of insults against M[ario]S[caramella], I would like to draw your attention to a strange campaign of hatred in some “very respected” German and Austrian newspapers

Der Spiegel (Hamburg, Germany),1518,456900,00.html

dated December 28 by Andreas Block

Schaumschläger im Schattenreich
“millantatore di credito”, Schwindler
zwielichtiger Akteur mit zweifelhafter Karriere
Sein Onkel ist der Postfaschist Antonio Rastrelli
sogenannte Mitrokhin-Kommission
Oppositions-Jäger mit Regierungsauftrag
Die Presse, Austria)

dated December 29, by PAUL KREINER in Rome
Betrüger in Haft

(Berlin, Germany)

The same story from the same person in Rome but this time under title

Agent oder Hochstapler?

As compared with rather balanced articles about MS in British, US, French and Spanish press, the approach of some German media is extraordinary and really strange.

What did Mr Gordievsky say about the KGB buying newspapers?


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