Day: January 10, 2007

Another Murder in Chechnya

Unexplained abductions and killings continue in Chechnya. Via Prague Watchdog [my tr.]:

Another civilian murdered in Chechnya

By Ruslan Isayev

GROZNY, Chechnya – On the night of January 8 a group of armed men in two cars without number plates seized and abducted a local resident, 25-year-old Islam Navruzov, from his house in the village of Dolinsky, on the eastern outskirts of Grozny, and drove him away in an unknown direction.

The abduction followed the scenario that is usual in Chechnya. On the night in question several masked men armed with sub-machine guns entered the Navruzovs’ house when the whole family was gathered together. After threatening Islam’s brothers and father with their weapons, they took him away without giving any reasons.

A search was immediately begun, but produced no results. On the following morning Islam’s body, with a bullet-wound in the head, was discovered on the outskirts of the village.

Neighbours and relatives are shocked by what has happened, since they say that Islam had no connection with the forces of armed resistance in the republic.

Translated by David McDuff.