Combating Press Freedom

From a recent Reuters report (via LN):

The United Nations top human rights body condemned “defamation” of religion on Friday and, in an apparent reference to the storm over the Prophet cartoons, said press freedom had its limits.

With the support of China, Russia and Cuba, Moslem and Arab states comfortably won a vote on the 47-state Human Rights Council to express concern at “negative stereotyping” of religions and “attempts to identify Islam with terrorism”.

RFE/RL has a further report.

And there’s a graphic comment here. (hat tip: JP)

One comment

  1. Dear Mr. McDuff,
    I am an Italian blogger posting on Senator Paolo Guzzanti’s and Gabriele Pradisi’s blogs.
    I am interested in the links between Litvinenko/Scaramella/Mitrokhin Commission and would like to suggest to your attention this interview:
    If you are interested in exchanging any information on recent events in Italy please do not hesitate to contact me.
    My best.

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