Day: September 26, 2007

Return of the wolves

At Prague Watchdog, Ruslan Isayev discusses the apparent return of wildlife to Chechnya [my tr.]:

The residents of some villages in Chechnya’s Nadterechny district have already spent several nights lying in ambush for the grey predator. In the village of Goragorsk a pack of wolves attacked a private farm, savaging and killing 24 sheep. Only one of the flock survived. After an earlier attack the owners had put a guard on their livestock, but after three days lifted their precautions in the belief that the wolves sensed an ambush and would not return. The very next night a pack of wolves carried out an attack on the farm, during which this damage occurred.

Experienced hunters say that the wolves are behaving this way because it is now the time of year when the wolf cubs have to be taught how to hunt, and the raid on the sheep was one of the lessons.

Until recently it was believed that large numbers of wild animals and birds had left Chechnya and crossed into the neighbouring republics.This was mainly due to the ongoing military operations, particularly the bombing and shelling of mountainous areas. Now ecologists believe that much of Chechnya’s lost wildlife population may be gradually re-establishing itself.