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Via Ekho Moskvy [my tr.]:

O. ZHURAVLEVA: Do you expect that there will be a third world war?
A. PROKHANOV: There will be no third world war. The Americans are in no condition to fight a third world war, they have a terrible crisis, their civilization is falling apart, let the Americans pay back all the dollars they owe China. They have a trillion dollar national debt, their richest billionaire, the richest…
O. ZHURAVLEVA: But you also say that it’s the most powerful empire there is.
A. PROKHANOV: Don’t put words in my mouth. Maybe Pozner says that. What I am saying is that this empire is at its last gasp, their chief imperialist, their richest banker Buffett, (inaudible) Buffet, the richest man in America, he has said that America is in a state of collapse, a catastrophe awaits it. It consumes twice what it produces. America is a vampire that is sucking all the juices out of the world, and the world is refusing to pay it and feed this.
O. ZHURAVLEVA: So why wage war with it then, if it’s going to collapse anyway?
A. PROKHANOV: We’re not waging war with it, it’s the cold war, as a result of the cold war that it will collapse.
O. ZHURAVLEVA: Then why be afraid of NATO or whatever else, let them play their games, who cares, there will be no third world war, because people are not fools, they don’t want to destroy themselves. America will collapse of its own accord. So to hell with it.



  1. This is very interesting. I tried to translate the whole page with google-translate but it was pretty messy. Can you translate the part about Ukraine and Moldova being future objectives?

  2. Sorry, but I don’t have time to translate more right now. But maybe later. You’re right that it’s an interesting interview.

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