A state of euphoria

Alexander Dugin, interviewed on August 27, 2008 – Excerpt: [my tr.]

“At present we are in a state of euphoria: we have defeated Georgia’s military machine, destroyed it, have recognized the our friends’ independence. Now we must hold on to that situation. But this is not a local issue. Holding on to the situation does not mean simply preventing a counter-attack by the Georgian aggressors. Now we will have to stave off a massed attack by the United States on the territory of these republics. The most difficult part is still to come: we have won a battle, but by no means the war. In order to deal with this situation, Russia must rebuild its society, its economy, its politics, its media and educational spheres – everything, in fact – along military lines. We have gone to war. We need reinforcement, the consolidation of society. We will never go back to the Russia of before August 8, 2008. We will now stand on the brink of nuclear conflict for a long time. So now, in my opinion, South Ossetia and Abkhazia will become less important than the global restructuring of the world’s architecture with which we dealing. The fate of their peoples is secondary to what now awaits the entire world. For the world stands on the brink of nuclear catastrophe.

– – – –

“The masks have fallen. We have gone to war. Now Russia must fight not only outside but also within, with its fifth column. The liberal westernizers, the employees of all the various NGOs and foundations, must now be interned. In war as in war. If prior to August 8 these people had a right to their point of view, today they have only one right: to be isolated and saved from inevitable retribution, for I do not think that in this situation the patriots will sit idly by. The hour of the patriot is at hand. The hour of revenge for the humiliation that we have endured from these citizens for more than a decade. I think that some Georgian public figures who are particularly active in Russia must also share the same fate, as they are representatives of the country with which we are at war.”


One comment

  1. “…we have won a battle, but by no means the war.”
    “The masks have fallen…”

    The era of deception, initiated during Soviet times, is over. The Final Phase has begun in the battle between East and West.

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