Ramms: NATO will defend Estonia

The following information comes from the Newsru.com web site:

General Egon Ramms, NATO’s Operational Level Commander, is reported to have said on Estonian television today that in the event of military conflict the Alliance will defend Estonia against any aggressor. “NATO has a programme of action on the territory of the Baltic countries in the event that they need to invoke the fifth article of the NATO treaty,” Ramms is quoted as saying on Tuesday at a press conference in Tallinn at the end of a two-day visit to Estonia.

Ramm also rejected a statement by Estonian author and former military NCO Leo Kunnas, who had claimed it would take the alliance at least a month to provide military aid to Estonia if a conflict began. Estonian Defence Forces Commander Lt. Gen. Ants Laaneots accused the country’s media of creating a climate of nervousness in connection with doubts of assistance from NATO in case of an attack on Estonia. “Newspapers should not continually raise this topic, you will ruin everyone’s nerves,” Laaneots is reported as saying. According to him, NATO would be able to come to Estonia’s assistance within at least 7 days after a possible outbreak of conflict.

Tomorrow General Ramms will go to Riga, Latvia.

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