Russia planning "Finlandization of Europe"

After Vladimir Putin’s open blackmail of Europe yesterday, when he said in a Russian television interview that Europe could not exist without Russia, that it is dependent on Russia for the oil and gas it needs in order to maintain its standard of living, is discussed by Marko Mihkelson, who believes that Russia’s ultimate aim is the Finlandization of Europe. Moscow wants to increase its political influence not only on its neighbours, but on the whole continent. It is now giving particular attention to left-wing political groups which traditionally take a softer line towards Russia. When President Sarkozy goes to Moscow tomorrow to meet Medvedev and Putin, he must make it clear to them that Russian forces must withdraw to the positions of before August 7, that it must stop threatening its neighbours and return to the principles of international law. If this does not happen, then Europe must impose concrete sanctions against Russia, for it needs to be remembered that it is not Europe that needs Russia, but Russia that needs Europe in order to survive.


One comment

  1. It seems Mr.Putin thinks that Europe needs Russian oil and gas more, then Russia needs Europe. Otherwise he wouldn’t talk with Europe by such language. So European leaders should explain him, that Russia wouldn’t survive, being isolated from Europe and other world.

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