Signpost to Munich

At the BBC, William Horsley writes that some kind of turning-point or watershed in Russia’s relations with the West appears to be approaching, and points to the upcoming 45th Munich Security Conference as the next arena where some new moves will be made by both sides.

One comment

  1. At first glance this may appear to be just another article about European politics, and the strife between Russia and NATO that gets reported from time to time.

    I think it is far more significant than that.

    Russia wants what it has been wanting for decades now – a new security apparatus that: (1) governs global affairs, (2) gives Russia a stronger voice than it now has in international affairs, and (3) replaces NATO.

    The dissolution of NATO as a Western security apparatus has been a long range goal (among others – see Golitsyn’s “New Lies For Old”) of the Soviet Union and the KGB. We are now approaching a time that may see that goal accomplished.

    “So what?” you might ask. “The Soviet Union is no more.”

    While the letters “USSR” are no longer on maps being printed today, there is a continuity of purpose and strategy that is anti-West that has not disappeared completely from the hieght of the Cold War until now.

    Is it so strange to think that those times when Russian seemed to “embrace” capitalism were feigned moments in history to throw us off our guard and to siphon Western capital into Eastern coffers?

    The strategy of deception is a good one for Russia (and other non-Western nations seeking our demise) to use, especially when used against an enemy that does not consider it a desirable strategy because of long-established Judeo-Christian morals that look upon deception as a trait of the scoundrel and the sinner.

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