Chavez bars entry to Walesa

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez has said that Polish Solidarity union leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Lech Walesa will be denied entry to Venezuela if he attempts to lend his support to opposition groups. Via

Calling Walesa an “Idol with feet made of mud,” President Chavez went on national television to admonish the Foreign Minister:  “Nicolas, beware! Evaluate and give me recommendations on how to react!” The text of the President’s speech was also made available in a transcript of the broadcast circulated by the Venezuelan Ministry of Communication & Information (Minci), which is generally seen as the government’s mouthpiece.

According to the Minci text Chavez said “We are obliged to demand respect for Venezuela’s dignity. He (Walesa) can say whatever he wants abroad, but NOT in here in Venezuela.”  Chavez also claimed that the former Polish President is part of an international “plot that aims to generate a violent path” to overthrow his revolutionary government.


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