Day: April 2, 2009

The Wrong Reset Option?

On the issue of arms control, Jamestown’s Pavel Felgenhauer writes that

Washington seems to have chosen a potentially self-defeating “Cold War style” policy in order to reset its relations with Moscow. A high-level international diplomatic effort to prevent a possible renewal of conflict in Georgia in the coming months might be more appropriate – addressing a present real threat.

On the other hand, Georgia’s President Saakashvili, speaking today, appears almost sanguine:

So we have very firm support from the U.S. administration. You know that the U.S. general [James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff] visited Georgia two days ago and that we are moving to a new stage of strategic partnership, which means completely new level of [cooperation] and in fact [means] launch of creation of new Georgian army.”

“We have no other alternative,” he continued. “Georgia needs strong allies; Georgia needs further development and Georgia needs to act hand in hand with our friends to rule out problems.”

In this situation, especially after yesterday’s meeting in London [between the Russian and U.S. Presidents], I practically rule out any further Russian military adventures against Georgia. And on the other hand of course, Georgia will not be happy until the de-occupation of Georgia and until the last invader soldier does not leave the territory of Georgia.”