Day: April 21, 2009

Norway at Durban 2

A couple of notes on events that marked the first day of the Durban II conference.

After Ahmadinejad’s tirade, Norway’s foreign minister delivered a rebuke:

I heard the messages in the President’s speech – and they amount to just that: Incitement of hatred, spreading politics of fear and promoting an indiscriminate message of intolerance.

The Iranian President’s allegations run counter to the very spirit and dignity of this conference. I will not respond to all the allegations. Through his message the president has made Iran the odd man out. And Norway will not accept that the odd man out hijacks the collective effort of the many.

On the other hand, Norway’s Christian Democratic Party leader Dagfinn Høybråten noted in a written commentary sent to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten that it was [my tr.]

sad and incomprehensible that the Norwegian delegation chose to remain seated and listen to the Iranian president’s emotional and subjective attacks on Israel, while nearly all the other European countries left the hall.