Day: June 8, 2009

Centre-right dominates in European elections

According to Deutsche Welle, the EPP (European People’s Party) secured 267 seats in the 736-member European Parliament, while the Socialists secured 159 seats with 81 seats for the Liberal Democrats, who came third, followed by the Greens with 51 seats. 

Centre-right parties made large gains in Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Hungary Italy, Poland. Slovenia and Spain and Poland.

Estonian results:  Centre Party 2, Reform 1, IRL 1, Social Democrats 1, Indrek Tarand 1.  Centre Party will probably challenge or contest or demand a recount in an effort to get 3 seats.    This means that Tunne Kelam was re-elected and in another development, Mari-Ann Kelam will be in the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) again, replacing Marko Pomerants who has become a minister in the government.