Day: November 9, 2009

Officials and dissidents – 2

The Soviet past is indivisible from the Communist past. If you repudiate Anti-Sovietism, then declare a Restoration, announce the nationalization of large private property, freeze the accounts in the Cayman Islands, confiscate the mansions outside Moscow and resettle demobilized officers in them, put up for sale the countless villas, castles and estates that were bought by Russian billionaires (after all, they are officials and politicians, too) around the world, and so on. But if you are not ready for such a turn of events, then do not play with fire.

Igor G. Yakovenko, addressing Russia’s present government elite and its persecution of Alexander Podrabinek, who wrote that the Soviet past was “bloody, false and shameful” and that “The Soviet Union was not that country you portrayed in school textbooks and your lying media”.