“Well then, guys: is it to be fascists, the Caucasus or a man-made disaster?” …

“I don’t know, boss … The Caucasus won’t cut it right now – it’ll look as though we’ve got no stability down there again. People will ask what we’ve been doing for the past ten years. And Ramzan will get upset …. ”

“I’m totally against a man-made disaster. Wasn’t the Sayano-Shushenskaya power plant enough for you? Actually. at the time I came out for a terrorist attack … they should have listened to me  … We might have been able to turn the screws a bit … But this way it just harms the government’s image.”

“Or maybe it’s the machinations of western intelligence services? To stop us getting up from our knees … ”

“Don’t be silly – for God’s sake, it’s a serious story … ”

“Well, so what is it to be?”

“They’ve decided it’s fascists.”

“If it’s fascists it’s fascists… Listen, but what really happened?”

“Hell if I know… Isn’t it all the same to you?”


from Alexander Ryklin, “The Reichstags go on burning” (


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