Alyokhina denied access to parole hearing


11:11 22/05/2013

BEREZNIKI (Perm Territory), May 22 (RAPSI) – The Berezniki City Court in the Perm Territory has denied Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina’s request to attend the hearing of her appeal for parole, RIA Novosti reports on Wednesday.

In response to this decision, Alyokhina has filed for the judge  [NB should be “prosecutor” DM][to] be replaced.


Alyokhina’s plea for the prosecutor to be replaced was refused.

Radio Svoboda has a live video feed from the courtroom on this page:

RS reports that Alyokhina has declared a hunger strike 

and because of many procedural irregularities she and her lawyers have ceased cooperation with the court.

The hearing is adjourned until 10 am tomorrow, May 23.

Gruppa voina says that Alyokhina will end her hunger strike if the court allows her to take part in the hearing.


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