This lively Al Jazeera @AJStream discussion on Putin’s media shake-up makes strikingly clear the current divisions in Russian society and politics and their repercussions for people both inside Russia and outside it, in a unique and unsettling way: the energy and dedication of the AJStream presenters, the muddled and cynical doggedness of the Kremlin propagandist Milonov, the barbed incredulity of Bennetts, the sadly ironic detachment of Rothrock, the outrage and anger of Baronova – it all adds up to a kind of theatre, a symbolic acting out of irresoluble conflicts that may be with us for a long time to come, with unknowable consequences.



  1. Thanks for your comment.

    Well, I did say “people both inside Russia and outside it”.

    In fact, ironic detachment may not be the least appropriate reaction to Russia’s current divisions, which are hopefully only temporary, though look as though they may be with us in the longer term. I thought the Al Jazeera show was lively and revealing, though rather disjointed, and with some moments that were slightly surreal – perhaps the result of viewing it on a laptop rather than on TV.

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