Situation in Ukraine – Crimea – March 12

Via Dmitry Tymchuk

Situation in Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea

12 March 2014

Russian side continues to violate provisions of international agreements with Ukraine in Crimea

From 28 February till 11 March 2014 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine recorded 39 cases of violation of international agreements by Russian side, namely with regard to:

entry of Russian Federation military vessels – 15 vessels;

flights of Russian Federation military aviation – 14 cases, 48 flying vehicles;

border crossing in port of entry «Crimea – ferry» – 10 cases.

139 Russian Federation Armed Forces vehicles (including 6 armoured personnel carriers, 111 lorries, 6 special and 7 passenger cars, 5 minibuses, 4 missile systems) crossed «Crimea – ferry» PoE without appropriate permission from Ukrainian side.

Seizure of SBGSU detachments

At present, 47 SBGSU objects (namely, Azov-Black Sea Regional Directorate; Simferopol detachment; Kerch, Sevastopol and Yalta Coast guard Detachments; 10 BGS, “Simferopol-air” and “Crimea-ferry” PoEs; 29 surveillance posts) are seized or put out of action.

On 11 March at 16.00 appr. 100 armored Russian servicemen dislodged SBGSU officers from “Crimea-ferry” PoE. As a result, border control in this PoE is not carried out.

Seized border detachments are under permanent control of armored Russian Federation servicemen and representatives of so-called “self-defense”. SBGSU personnel is not allowed to enter these detachments.

Refugees escape from Crimea

Refugees continue going out from Crimea, basically they are of Crimea Tatar nationality. Thus, only on March 11th 158 people left Crimea, totally 557 refugees for the last days.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine actions for strengthening border regime and control over foreign citizens entering Ukraine.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine conducts special operations “Kordon”, “Regime”, “Frontier” in border areas with Russian Federation and Republic of Moldova, passport control at all border crossing points is enforced.

As a result, for the last 24 hours 305 Russian citizens were refused in entering Ukraine because of the declared purpose of visit inconsistency and possibility of their participation in extremist events at the territory of adjacent to RF oblasts of Ukraine (3500 Russian citizens for the last days.


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