Day: April 11, 2014

Eurasianism and Separatism in Ukraine

Voices of Ukraine notes that the “Bravo” section of the Information Resistance Group has published a list and overview of organizations in Ukraine that use the presence of Russian and Russian-speaking minorities to provoke autonomist and separatist sentiment and also to threaten Ukraine’s territorial integrity. One of these structures is the officially banned Eurasian Youth Union. From its Wikipedia entry:

The early-20th century Eurasianism ideology of a part of the Russian emigration and modern Neo-Eurasianism developed by Aleksandr Dugin has been declared the main ideology of the organization. Its ideology also features prominently Russian nationalism and imperialism, calls for the creation of a new Eurasian empire centered around Russia. On its website the movement declared the West and in particular the United States as its main opponent and termed it as the “main evil”.