Maria Alyokhina

Alyokhina Denied Parole

Maria Alyokhina has refused further participation in the parole hearing at the Perm Regional Court, which she has been attending via videoconference from the remand center where she is being held, claiming that the proceedings are a travesty of justice and her rights are being fundamentally violated. As a sign of her non-participation, she turned her back to the camera.  Her request for parole has now been denied by the court.

Alyokhina ‘Beaten by Guards’

Khodorkovsky Center reports that Maria Alyokhina has been beaten by guards in the remand center in Solikamsk where she is currently being held, for refusing to be transferred to another prison without access to documents. More details from RAPSI.

Update 1: In a statement to Novaya Gazeta, Alyokhina’s lawyer Oksana Darova has denied that she saw her client being beaten.

Update 2: Alyokhina has written a letter to Novoye Vremya from the remand center in  Solikamsk.

Alyokhina continuing hunger strike

Via Ekho Moskvy:

“The situation in the colony is difficult. All the convicts who live or work beside me are on lock-up, which means they can’t get medical help and exacerbates the situation. I’m now on the sixth day of my hunger strike, with the demand that the prison authorities stop putting pressure on me by means of the other convicts. The administration is ignoring the hunger strike. There is no word from the prosecutor’s office and rights defenders of the region. I intend to continue the hunger strike, as I see no other way of inducing the administration to negotiate. Without any reasons being declared, I am deprived of all phone calls, but will take any opportunity to report on myself and my dear IK-28.

Masha Alyokhina
Perm Region


“Ситуация в колонии тяжелая. Всех осужденных, которые живут или работают рядом со мной, закрывают на замок, что лишает их возможности получить медицинскую помощь и обостряет обстановку. Я голодаю на данный момент 6-е сутки с требованием прекратить оказывать давление на меня посредством других осужденных. Администрация голодовку игнорирует. Прокуратура и праврозащитники региона не дают о себе знать. Я намерена голодать дальше, так как другого способа побудить администрацию к переговорам я не вижу. Я лишена всех звонков без объявления причин, но по возможности буду сообщать о себе и дорогой мне ИК-28.

Маша Алехина
Пермский край


Alyokhina Interview

Two months ago Fiona Cook interviewed Maria Alyokhina via webcam for Dazed magazine. In the interview Alyokhina talks about what she sees as the widespread misunderstanding of Pussy Riot’s activities, and explains her  views on social protest and art. The link to the video is here: